About OzDenta

Like all great products, the OzDenta Mouth Guard was born out of a personal necessity.

Our story dates back to 2011 when Radu, the founder of OzDenta, couldn’t sleep because of grinding his teeth overnight (also known as sleep bruxism). After trying several well-known international mouth guard brands, he decided to take this matter into his own hands.

Radu first started analyzing what would make for a great mouth guard that would satisfy his needs and how to produce it. He went on to modify an existing model with an electric milling cutter, a little bit larger than one used for nails, by trimming all the material that he thought was useless.

Numerous trials and tests later, on himself and his close friends who suffered from bruxism, the final prototype turned out to be much more comfortable than the well-known brands. And so, with the registration of the patent, OzDenta was born.

As of today, OzDenta has sold over 400.000 pre-made, affordable mouth guard market, making the sleep and lives of customers from over 120 countries much more enjoyable.